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Nigel and Nigella on living in the Real World

Climate change summits like Poznan and Brussels will cost us the earth - By Nigel Lawson
It is quite clear that, short of a breakthrough in the technology of non-carbon energy – which may happen, but may not – the only cost-effective response to any feared global warming is to adapt to the consequences.

The dirty little secret is that, so far this century, there has been no recorded global warming; as the Met Office the other day pointed out, sotto voce, 2008 has been, globally, the coldest year of all. That has not stopped the flood of claims of increasing evidence of "climate change" all around us.

Of course, there may well be, as most climate scientists predict, global warming in the future. Meanwhile, welcome to the new science paradigm, in which effects precede cause. I have to confess my own limitations. Unlike Mr Al Gore, Lord Stern, and Lord Turner, I do not know what is going to happen to the planet in the next 100-200 years. But I do know nonsense when I see it.

Nigella's bear-y naughty
Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson has sparked a furore by suggesting she would be prepared to kill a bear and wear its fur.

The British author of How To Be a Domestic Goddess and star of TV cooking show Nigella Bites made the comments during an interview on the BBC's The One Show on Tuesday.

During a discussion on fur as fashion, Lawson said: "I feel going into a shop and buying a fur coat would be an act of weakness, but if I could go out into the woods and kill a bear myself, I would then wear it proudly as a trophy."

Host Adrian Chiles expressed disbelief that she would do such a thing, saying: "you're a nice lady who makes chocolate puddings".

Lawson replied: "If you're in nature and it's either you go or the bear goes ..."


"Findings by British scientists support earlier evidence that climate change has contributed to the warmest temperatures in the northern hemisphere since the 9th century, research published Friday showed. [Feb 10, 2006]

Researchers at the University of East Anglia (UEA) in eastern Britain, measured changes in fossil shells, tree rings, ice cores and other past temperature records or 'proxies' to reach their findings, which were published in the journal Science Friday.

They also looked at people's diaries from the last 750 years. "

Of course, it was yet warmer in 2007.

Well, if a Bear would condescend to have a semi clad Nigella Lawson tastefully draped over it, I say lucky old bear. Any old how, all the Bears around here are tucked up in their dens and snoring until March.

Climate change? Well we've currently got fourteen plus inches of white 'climate change' outside my house with more still coming down. That's all of 2006 & 2007's snowfall rolled into the past 72 hours. I thought it was supposed to be getting warmer?

I'd just lurvvv to see Nigella wrastle a grizzlie in some wilderness in the tundra.

It scarcely seems possible to make Nigella Lawson any more scrumptious than she already is, but wrapping her in a fur coat might well do the trick. It is an incontrovertible fact that furs make even the plainest woman more attractive.

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