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Damp Squid of a Climate Scare Story

Climate change takes the fight out of cannibalistic Humboldt squid - Times Online

... The range of the Humboldt squid has expanded rapidly. Previously restricted to tropical and subtropical zones they are now found as far north as Alaska. Changes in surface water chemistry because of the rise in carbon dioxide levels predicted for 2100 may restrict this range, according to the study reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. ...

So they are becoming more common and spreading across the ocean but in a hundred years time they may not be. Next scare please.


And here's another


According to Wikipedia the Humboldt squid is found as far south as Tierra del Fuego. Although I have never visited those climes I am given to understand that they are actually quite chilly; the terms "tropical" and "sub-tropical" are certainly not used when describing the place, sub-polar being the more favoured adjective. The Northern limit of the beast's range is California ie above the equator so it can be assumed that it has a fairly broad range of wandering even before these new discoveries.

I can't be arsed to measure the distances but I suspect that the shores of Tierra del Fuego lie a lot further from San Diego than do those of Fairbanks, Alaska. So what we have is a creature apparently quite happy to live in sub-polar regions in the Southern Hemisphere wandering into sub-polar regions not far from the northern limit of its previously known range.

Since the humboldt is known to like deep water it could even have been going up to Alaska for ages. For all we know, what is being interpreted as a sudden change in behaviour could actually be just a new discovery about something that's been happening for centuries.

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