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Cooler yet warmer, Sea Ice more but less, Death and Devastation happening

Arctic ice volume lowest ever as globe warms - U.N. | World | Reuters
Ice volume around the Arctic region hit the lowest level ever recorded this year as climate extremes brought death and devastation to many parts of the world, the U.N. weather agency WMO said on Tuesday.

Although the world's average temperature in 2008 was, at 14.3 degrees Celsius (57.7 degrees Fahrenheit), by a fraction of a degree the coolest so far this century, the direction towards a warmer climate remained steady, it reported.

"What is happening in the Arctic is one of the key indicators of global warming," Michel Jarraud, Secretary General of the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), said. "The overall trend is still upwards."

Did anyone ask him about the Antarctic or that the Global Sea Ice amount is steady?


Any idea what the graph at the bottom of this story is all about? Posts on here and EU Ref seem to show satellite data showing the opposite. The use of September data only seem strange to me but I'm only guessing...


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