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Renewable Costs

Linking offshore wind farms to grid to cost £10bn – and public will pay - Scotsman.com News
Opponents of offshore wind argue that it is too expensive to be viable. Those in favour say the cost has to be met to provide renewable energy needed to tackle climate change and provide a secure supply.

The government aims to build 25 giga- watts of offshore wind farms – requiring about 700 turbines – to help meet the target of 15 per cent of energy being generated from renewables by 2020.

Danielle Lane, development manager at the Crown Estate, said the cost was still a "relatively small" amount compared to the overall cost estimated of bringing on stream 25 gigawatts of wind power, which has been calculated at £80 billion.

Nuclear would cost about £37 Billion for 25 GW...


"Nuclear would cost about £37 Billion for 25 GW."

Yes but 25GW of nuclear capacity will deliver 25GW - all day, every day.

Whereas 25GW of wind "capacity" will deliver about a quarter to a third of that - intermittently, and at times you cannot predict or control.

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