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An Okuri-okami Writes

Toujours Tingo: Weird words and bizarre phrases - Telegraph
Sjostygg: Norwegian for someone so ugly the tide refuses to come in if they stand on the shore.
Layogenic: Filipino for someone good-looking from afar but ugly up close.

Layogenic - we have all been there; there should also be a word for hags with gorgeous hair, you follow a trim figure with luxuriant flowing locks and as you pass expecting the pleasure of a fresh smiling face you are shocked by a wrinkled hook nosed witch. It quite ruins my day.


The is a word - butterface.

Nice body, but her face?

I know the feeling -- you spend all evening chatting them up, then you take them home and undress them, just to find a flabby wimp instead of a muscular hero. But at least he had a sexy face and a well-tailored suit.

Why not lobby Labour to legislate against partial good looks? It's silly enough for them to do(and there is little they won't stoop to), and I'm sure you can somehow find an equality angle here, ugly old women with nice hair and figure should be forcefed junkfood and get a skinhead makeover so they are as ugly as everyone else. Not sure what to do with flabby blokes tho... boot camp maybe?

From Viz's profanisaurus:

BOBFOC : Body Off Baywatch, Face Off Crimewatch.

or an LRF, Low Resolution Fox.

We have a phrase round these parts: Kronenburgs, because they look 16 from the back but 64 from the front.

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