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Nanny's sense of humour

Shopkeeper told to stop putting jokes on adverts - Telegraph

Bob Singh, 36, has been adding jokes to his promotional leaflets for more than 10 years at his Landmark store in Port Talbot, south Wales.

But police officers turned up at his general store to offer "appropriate advice" and warned he could face prosecution for breaching public order if he did not stop.

Mr Singh has been left baffled by the police intervention as he claims the jokes contain no bad language and are not racist. He admits some were "a bit saucy".

South Wales Police sergeant Simon Merrick said: "The content of promotional material which has been distributed in the area has been brought to our attention as being potentially inflammatory and offensive.

"The distributor has been appropriately advised and instructed to withdraw the leaflets from circulation."

Some of Mr Singh's jokes include:

:: What is the technical name for three days of horrendous weather followed by bright sunshine? A Welsh Bank Holiday!

:: What do you call a sheep with no legs? A Cloud!

:: What do you get when you cross an elephant with a rhino? El-if-i-no!

:: What do you call a deer with no eyes? I have No-I-Deer.

Barbara Wilding CBE QPM CCMI writes

As the Chief Constable of South Wales Police I am interested in what you think of the service you receive from my force. I am launching a new consultation program, with the aim of gathering your views.

Your Comments Count – Click here

A survey to tell us about any ‘excellent customer service’ you have experienced from South Wales Police staff. We strive to deliver a high level of customer service and aim to achieve this through one of the force priorities, "Making Every Contact Count". Your comments can help us to reinforce quality of service through recognising and rewarding excellence.

Nothing like a bit of old fashioned policing, in fact it is nothing like a bit of old fashioned policing....


I'm a Yank and we admittedly do have our little problems with Taser waving cops and other other-directed morons and epimetheans more than somewhat, but anyway, what happens when a load of cops show up on your premises over there, without a waraant and start making with "advice," and you happen to say:

"Piss off, you shower, you give me the shits!"

What goes down then?

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