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Nigella's urges have made me into white trash

On the AGA this morning white trash ham baked in coca cola - yum.
Nigella says : I simply cannot urge you to try this strongly enough.

And who am I to refuse....


Tim... YOu can be very shallow! :-)

I bet it cleans the baking tray too certainly makes pennies shine,God knows what it does to your insides.

How was your meal?

Your Wordlwide Public want to know!

_ TE _ Lovely!

It's a nice little gimmick using cola but there's nothing new in this. Sugar has been a popular addition to water when boiling ham for many a long yonk, it can even be added to the curing compound applied directly to raw pork or spread on a ham before baking. Hence honey cured hams and honey roast hams - many of these don't actually use honey because it is cheaper to use brown sugar or a sugar syrup. Yummy, nonetheless.

When spit roasting whole lamb or whole pig, I periodically inject the meat with a marinade based on cola. It softens the meat and prevents it from drying out.

Of course to do this you have to live in a country where Nanny still lets one buy hypodermic syringes and needles. Or register yourself as a drug adict.

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