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Free Choice at Christmas

Shopping on Christmas Day is sacrilege | Melanie McDonagh - Times Online

The internet is at any time of the year a way of not engaging with the people under our noses. To do it at Christmas is a kind of sacrilege.

And if I hear anyone say that it's a matter of individual choice, that no one is forcing anyone to shop online, I'll push their heads into a bowl of punch and hold it down for a very long time. If half the world is doing its online bargain chasing when they might be quarrelling with the in-laws, getting drunk, overcooking the turkey or stabbing themselves with scissors in an effort to open packaging, it has an effect on everyone.

Given the choice I know which sounds more attractive ; If anyone wants me I'll be here on Christmas Day....


I dunno, sometimes it's better to avoid the people under our nose, in case they stick a couple of sharp pencils up 'em!

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