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Dick Face Andy Burnham And The New Administration Censorship Plans

Internet sites could be given 'cinema-style age ratings', Culture Secretary says - Telegraph
Andy Burnham says he believes that new standards of decency need to be applied to the web. He is planning to negotiate with Barack Obama’s incoming American administration to draw up new international rules for English language websites.

Mr Burnham said: “If you look back at the people who created the internet they talked very deliberately about creating a space that Governments couldn’t reach. I think we are having to revisit that stuff seriously now. It’s true across the board in terms of content, harmful content, and copyright. Libel is [also] an emerging issue.

“There is content that should just not be available to be viewed. That is my view. Absolutely categorical. This is not a campaign against free speech, far from it; Mr Burnham admits that his plans may be interpreted by some as “heavy-handed” but says the new standards drive is “utterly crucial”. Mr Burnham also believes that the inauguration of Barack Obama, the President-Elect, presents an opportunity to implement the major changes necessary for the web.
“The change of administration is a big moment. We have got a real opportunity to make common cause.”


Well, this is just typical of this communist scum.

Some people are writing nasty, horrible things about us and it's not fair, wanker. What do You think Obama is going to say to some wierd looking bug-eyed twat, asking him to change Americas libel-free laws?

That photoshopped image of Burnham is sooo appropriate.

Once again that dingbat Burnham opens his fat gob and displays a level of ignorance worthy of derisive laughter and possibly inspired hand gestures. Has he never heard of Internet Filtering Services, as used by worried parents and schools alike to safeguard our innocent children from the alarming hooters of unclothed ladies and even worse horrors? Bah humbug etcetera.

It's photoshopped...are you sure?

Thud. Yeah, the lighting angle on the eyes is clearly wrong. The nose? Bang on.

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