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Why State Robbery is The Liberal Position

Liberal Conspiracy » Why I am not a Libertarian
As an example, suppose that you, O Hypothetical Reader, have a pound - a whole shiny pound all to yourself. And I have nothing. Now, assuming you don’t want to just give me your money, that’s the most efficient distribution of the money possible.

But suppose that, while you don’t want to give me your money, you were forced to, and I invested the money and made ten pounds, of which I was forced to give you five. Instantly, we have *both* benefited, substantially, even though this is ‘less efficient’ in market terms.

Now, in this hypothetical situation, you would of course either just give me the money or invest it yourself. But in a real life situation involving billions of pounds in the pockets of millions of people, it can’t be guaranteed that the equivalent would happen.

Or suppose having robbed me of a pound you then spend it on Special Brew, Wind Farms or anything else equally wasteful, we then both have nothing, but you will expect me to go out and earn another pound so you can rob me again next week.


Just because it is on LC doesn't make it 'the liberal position'. Liberal Conspiracy, particularly on its bad days, is the political blogging equivalent of the Holy Roman Empire (in the sense that, as Voltaire put it, it was neither Holy, Roman nor an Empire).

If I have a pound, and this Liberal Conspiracy twat does not, I am willing to spend up to 99p on thugs to smash his skull in with a pipe wrench if the awful little shit tries to expropriate it. Trouble is, his thugs are bigger and will (legally) kill me if try to stop him taking it.

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