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Seeing Red

Marking in red ink banned in case it upsets schoolchildren - Telegraph
Head teacher Richard Sammonds said: "Red pen can be quite de-motivating for children.
"It has negative, old school connotations of 'See me' and 'Not good enough'.
"We are no longer producing clerks and bookkeepers. We are trying to provide an education for children coming into the workforce in the 21st century.
"We use highlighter pens in all colours of the rainbow apart from red.
"There are pinks, blues, greens and fluorescent yellows. The idea is to raise standards by taking a positive approach.
"We highlight bits that are really good in one colour and use a different colour to mark areas that could be improved."
Shirley Clarke, an associate of the Institute of Education, warned that children could soon realise that green is the new red.
She said: "In actual fact, the colour of ink used to mark is irrelevant. It would be equally damaging to keep covering a child's work in green ink, picking up on every mistake.

Don't upset them by pointing out where they are going wrong, pretend the whole world is warm and cuddly and as long as you try that's good enough. No wonder the kids like the X Factor where they can see judgement happening, where they can see a certainty that sticking to right and wrong, good and bad gives, which is missing from the wishy washy muddle of schooling.


Sheesh, where does he think motivation originates? Is it handed-down by angelic teachers or forged from adversity? His coloring-book method is garbage, it just makes an incomprehensible visual mush out of the work.

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