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No wonder we love them so much

EU spends £2bn each year on 'vain PR exercises' - Telegraph

New research by Open Europe, a think-tank that supports EU reform, has found that so-called European "information" campaigns are one-sided and boast a budget that is bigger than Coca-Cola's total worldwide advertising account.

One publication, entitled How the European Union works, described the EU as "a remarkable success story".

Another English-language "information" pamphlet claimed the EU "is delivering a better life for everyone" and described the single market as "a winning formula."

The researchers also found a European Commission document that admitted: "Neutral factual information is needed of course, but it is not enough on its own. Genuine communication by the EU cannot be reduced to the mere provision of information."

Money well spent with children running through the streets spontaneously declaring their love for the EU and its leaders, with only a few miserable nay-sayers confined to their ghettos; all is rosy in Euroland....


And those nasty negative bloggers safely muzzled as 'inappropriate', 'divisive', 'defeatist' and 'undermining the Führer' I have no doubt...

Happy New Year btw, and thanks for your thoughts throughout 2008.

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