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Global Warming - We desperately need a good summer in 2009 to counteract it.

Climate change takes its toll on British countryside - Telegraph

Matthew Oates, the National Trust nature conservation adviser, said; "A cold late spring, a wet summer, with few sunny days, and the long dry autumn has shown how dependent our wildlife is on the weather," he said. "Many species closely associated with the four seasons are having to cope with higher incidents of poor weather as our climate becomes more unpredictable.

"After two very poor years in a row we desperately need a good summer in 2009. Climate change is not some future prediction of what might happen, it's happening now."

Dr Tim Sparks, a climate change specialist at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, said Britain would experience warmer, drier summers and wet, mild winters...

So a dry autumn, cold spring, and wet summer are blamed on climate change which is predicted to produce wet, mild winters and warmer drier summers. No wonder I'm confused.


"After two very poor years in a row we desperately need a good summer in 2009..."


"We really need the Met Office to get lucky with their tea-leaf predictions for summer in 2009..."

I consider myself to be environmentally conscious. That being said, "man made" global warming is a lie. It is more of a psychological case study in the weakness of the human mind than any real look at hard science. The Earth has warmed and cooled since the time of its formation. These trends have everything to do with the sun and its activity and little if anything to do with the impact of man. One of the reasons that the Nordic barbarians invaded your lovely homeland eons ago had to do with climate change and flooding in the Viking territories.

Send in the Vivaldis!

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