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Why I'm a conservative

A surfeit of festive optimism combined with the kind offer of help from an expert encouraged me to try to update this blog. New content management engine, new version of movabletype, a helpful hand to guide me through. Many hours of fiddling and tweaking and bollocks. The new versions aren't as user friendly as the old. I'm sure they have lots of super new features but I don't need them, the old works pretty well and I know my way around it. I have lost too many hours to trying to understand the new, and my very helpful friend has put even more hours in. I feel ungrateful to him by turning all the new stuff off but it was either that or never blog again. So my New Year's resolution is as always; if it ain't broken don't fix it.
(And when this creaking old system finally turns up its toes well, that will be that.)


nice to see a familiar face again.

Happy New Year.

What a relief. Some of the designs I saw were very interesting but there were subtle problems. I used your site as a reference point. It is the first one I click on to load up because of the frequent posts. Secondly you have a nice feed from other blogs which I use to jump to interesting blog posts.
One of the designs had the site in a frame which messed up the new blog site so I did not come back to your site so often. Having said all that what about a vote on the design of the banner at the top of the page. That could be changed without messing things up. There were some really good ones which would give the site some renewed interest.

May I, respectfully, repeat what I said before - I come here daily for the content NOT for the pretty design. Please carry on in whatever way is best suited to getting your thoughts out to us.

Devil's Kitchen, for example, is run by a design specialist and IIRC wins awards for design. Number Watch must be one of the worst designed sites on the web. I go daily to them both as well. (Perhaps less frequently now to Number Watch because of the lack of current posting due to illness but the old content is still there for reference.)


Make it robust to hackers and spammers but beyond that keep with what you can work with.

Happy New Year!

Spot on! If it aint broke don't fix it. It doesn't matter if hours have been wasted and money spent but if cutting one's losses is the only sensible thing then that's what has to be done. If only our servants who get paid more than us could take on this gen then who knows? I for one would look forward to Paris 2012!

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