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Brown Declares Victory - Gongs All Round

Anger over knighthood given to Treasury chief, Nick Macpherson - Times Online
The Treasury’s top official, who was at the helm during the boom before the credit crunch, has been knighted for his role in dealing with Britain’s deepening financial crisis.

The move, as the pound plunged to a record low against the euro and after another slide in house prices, prompted protests that the honour was premature and self-congratulatory.

Critics said that Nick Macpherson, the Permanent Secretary at the Treasury and on an annual salary of £196,400, had been knighted while it was still too early to claim that the £500 billion banking bailout was a success. Sir Nick, 49, a close ally of the Prime Minister,...

There is also an award for Alastair Clark, a former Bank of England expert in financial stability, who was brought out of retirement to help with Northern Rock....

I note the Times Subs have placed this picture in the adjacent column, no comment needed:


I want to leave the country.

I have already left. Love the position of the photographs. Classic!

Happy Hogmanay Mr Englishman from a far away Scotsman.

Lang May Yer Lum Reek.

I am an Englishman. I love England. I will stay forever. I want those who screw up England to leave.

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