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Next Year - 1984

Private firm to run communications super database - Telegraph

Plans for a private company to run a super database containing the identities and location of every person in Britain are being considered by the Government.

Under the new system, which will be outlined in the new year in a consultation paper on the interception modernisation programme, one or a number of organisations would proactively collect all communications data, including from broadband phone calls and chatrooms, instead of such information being retrieved at the behest of police or intelligence agencies.

The potential cost of such a database has been estimated to reach £12bn, but the consultation paper includes an option to put it out to private tender in a bid to cut costs.

They will be able to track my movements as I travel round the ropemakers of this isle buying up all the hempen lengths I can as I believe there will be a shortage soon.


A former policeman friend of mine tells me he always leaves his mobile off unless needed.

It must due to age. It cannot be scepticism or even cynicism. But I find myself increasingly and reflexively cursing anything to do with our government and their lackeys. It's like groundhog day, except whilst every day I wake up and it is reminiscent of 1978 it is of course 2008.

More billions for Labour's cronies in Crapita.

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