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As a row of tents.


O tempora o mores!

Back from a bracing walk across frozen fields to a mug of Camp made with steaming hot milk and a large tot of Navy Rum in it. Sheer bliss. It must be the seaman in me....
Steady as she goes, Number One....


That made me very nostalgic. We used to have that in our house from time to time. I haven't seen a bottle for many years. You can get many UK products here in Australia, but I have not seen Camp Coffee. Thank you and Happy New Year again. It is cool (by Australian standards) and overcast here this morning. My morning coffee was spoiled by the milk having gone off. Glug. Yuck

It looks like that dark chap needed a rest...perhaps the union got wind of his years of service....Happy New Year.

Good idea! I suppose the Navy Rum might mitigate the effects of the chicory?

I have horsewhipped my Baluchistani manservant three times today (as opposed to his normal daily beating) in protest at this craven act of political correctness. If the uppity bugger sees this he will be getting ideas above his station, and then where would we all be? Murdered in our beds by hordes of bellowing savages, no doubt.

Does Camp really make your head shrink?

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