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Après Blair le déluge

'Operation Credit Crunch' to round up every burglar in London - Telegraph

Sir Paul Stephenson, acting Commissioner, has ordered officers to pursue every outstanding warrant for known, wanted or suspected burglars. It has led to almost 600 arrests since mid-November.

Operation Spotlight has rounded up 593 suspects wanted on warrants for burglary in six weeks - at more than double the usual rate for that offence. Of those, 250 were charged with burglary and a further 200 face prosecution for other criminal offences.

In a further move to improve public confidence, Sir Paul ordered a police officer to be assigned to every reported burglary in the capital and a forensics team to visit the victim's home within four hours.

And why is this new, why wasn't this standard procedure, what did ex-boss Blair think was more important for the police to be doing than nabbing burglars and investigating crimes.....don't bother answering I think we all know....


I could wish this to be more than a three-month "feel-good" measure, to be quietly dropped once its "success" stops getting news coverage.

Of course, over eighty percent of the arrestees will spend less than 8 hours off the streets - there are simply not enouh available facilities to hold more. Holding facilities, and associated support (such as food), are very expensive. Which is why most governments through the centuries, strapped for cash, have opted for other forms of punishments: alas, once money becomes available and used for prisons, when money later runs low the prisoners are simply turned loose.

As to "a forensics team to visit the victim's home within four hours" - for burglaries? They aren't always used for homicides! Does this government not have any idea how much it costs to just have a two-room apartment "dusted" for fingerprints, let be anything more complicated?

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