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2008 Statpron

321,161 Visits
234,100 Absolute Unique Visitors
419,187 Pageviews

According to Google analytics - and why this number is wrong...

And which of my pithy insights into the madness of modern politics, the unfolding story of the real science of climate change or the customs and mores of Englishmen was the most popular post....?


Global warming is becoming the state religion of leftists, hippies, and alarmist profiteers like Al Gore. It is the height of insanity that Gore was given a Nobel prize. This is the blowhard who once claimed to have invented the internet.

Global warming is less about science and more about mass human psychology and group think.

Happy New Year to you and the missus, and also the Englishettes.

Not actually a very good reason why the stats are wrong. The google analytics stats work by calling a bit of javascript which logs the count this means that users coming through proxy counts will be counted.

However what you will find is that some corporate firewalls will have the google analytics URL blocked, so these won't count. Some Users will have javascript turned off and these are probably also user firewall and browser extensions that will block these. There are probably some other reasons that I can't think of at the moment.

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