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Improving choice by bans

School ban will keep junk food 400 metres from pupils - Times Online

Clyde Loakes, (Lab), Leader, Waltham Forest Council, said: “We have too many fast-food outlets in this borough and we've had enough. We don't want to tell people how to live their lives - but at the moment residents simply don't have enough choice because of the amount of fast-food takeaways.”


What a ghastly waste of skin. I want to tell him how to live his life: in a welter of pain as his nurse adjusts his daily morphine dose. In extensive rehab as he relearns the ability to write after jolly scamps smash his thumbs with a 3lb lump hammer. Be they Labour, Tory, Lib Dem or SNP, I wish a measure of actual, excruciating pain on each and every one of the liberty-denying scoundrels.

I love the use of the royal "we" in "we've had enough", when the mindless oaf is talking about the number of fast food takeaways in the area. Obviously it can't be his constituents who have "had enough" of the fast food outlets, otherwise their wouldn't be so many of them. What this nu-lab type has "had enough" of, is people exercising choice over private matters. Economically illiterate, politically inept, grammatically incomprehensible...this one story sums up our political class nicely.

400 metres eh? Well that'll help the little darlings burn off some calories on the way back from the chippie.

Old whassisname as pictured looks like the bloke wot ate all the pies, so he should keep a lower profile perchance. He's a fine example.

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