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Scholar vs. Spin

Restore trust by ending privileged access to official data, says statistics watchdog - Times Online
Britain’s statistics watchdog has called for an end to the culture of spin.

Trust in government data would be restored only by letting ministers have it at the same time that it was released to Parliament, the media and the public, Sir Michael Scholar, the chairman of the UK Statistics Authority, said.

Having broken bread with Sir Michael and enjoyed his hospitality on a couple of occasions (as an alumni of the college he runs)I am confident his formidable intelligence and strength of character will prevail in this battle of wills. It also helps he has right on his side.

UPDATE - what make this blog so rewarding to me are your comments and the fact that my mistake in Latin has been noted is wonderful and appreciated (My first draft was about being "one of the alumni..." and as I always try to trim as much verbiage as possible I decided that "one of the" was unnecessary and could be replaced with "an", but I failed to change alumni to the singular.) Mr Chalk will be setting a detention for me later.


I apologise in advance, having attended an adjacent college to your own, but isn't it alumnus.

Much as I would like to share youre confidence, since when have decency and rightness (or even righteousness) ever persuaded this government to do something? Especially when it goes so directly against their policies of news and data manipulation.

The socialists are trying to muzzle the blogosphere because of its shocking ability to expose their mendacity, can you really expect them to order a department of state to make that easier?

Strictly speaking it should be "alumnus" for a single male or "alumna" for a single female. "Alumni" represents the male plural of the word, as anyone who has had the benefit of a classical education and can remember how to decline Latin nouns. Furthermore, "alumnae" is the plural, meaning a group of female graduates, but almost always the word "alumni" is used to the extent that it has fallen into general English useage to mean also the singular of either gender.

After all, this is American English we are speaking and it is not an inflexive language.

What Bill and Doctor Mick said.

Dr Mick said:

"After all, this is American English we are speaking and it is not an inflexive language."

Just possibly you may have missed the name of this blog?

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