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Ban Ban Ban....

Fatty foods could be banned to halt obesity rises - Telegraph

Ben Bradshaw, the Health Minister, promised that the Government would not shy away from bringing in new rules to force food companies to play a part in changing the country's eating habits. Limits could be imposed on the amount of fat and salt in certain products.
He said: "We have already made progress on things like labelling and fat and salt content working with the industry. But ... if this three-year campaign does not succeed, we don't rule out regulating in future."
Tam Fry, a National Obesity Forum board member, told the BBC that greater regulation of the food industry was needed to tackle rising obesity.
He said: "What we fear is that the industry is very willing to give £200 million to the campaign as a way of deflecting the Government's interest in regulation.

He actually doesn't want the voluntary measures to work, he is all excited by the prospect of some mutual bansturbation with Ben Bradshaw....


Heh, heh!

No-one's told Baby Ben not to make three year predictions 'cos there may be
(shh! Don't tell Ben!
Tell Ben what?
You know, an E-L-E-C-T..

If, for some strange reason I were to partake of the waccy-baccy I may make forecasts like a cabinet minister but I am not so why does he?


In a just world, the response to impertinences of this nature would be for people like Ben Bradshaw to be ritually disembowelled and then burnt on a huge bonfire.

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