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Ban food from being tasty

THE woman given the job of promoting McDonald's has revealed the secret of the fast-food chain's success – salt and fat.
...fat and salt makes food taste good. There is no point taking all the fat and salt out of your food because people won't like it and they will eat with someone else.
Fife-based nutritionist Carina Norris said : "Ideally, we would like people to start weaning themselves off these tastes and on to healthier options."
"But failing that, it would be great if restaurants and manufacturers did their own bit by taking salt and fat out of foods."
Ms Norris added: "The problem from a business point of view is that no-one wants to be the first one to take fat and salt out of their foods and make them less tasty. People would go somewhere else."
Tam Fry, chairman of the Child Growth Foundation, said: "It is true that humans do require some level of fat, salt and sugar in their diet....

...but we don't want you to enjoy your food, or anyone to profit from selling you food you want to eat, eat lettuce, damn you, eat only lettuce....


Everybody needs to google the Weston A Price Foundation, right away!

There is much valuable information about the power and beauty of the pre-industrial and pre-processed diets, of oldtime whites, blacks, chinamen alike, too each their own. The fact is fat is GOOD, it's the sitting on yer arse part.... I do loads of exercises, chop wood, the whole nine yards, and WALLOW in FAT beef, unsalted butter, eggs, kippers, cod, lutfisk, lamb, mutton, chook, name it.

The real point, I swear to God is that the (self-styled!) "elite" know these tastier things might get scarce, and so they want to hog away the good stuff for themselves, and so mean to keep off the peasants with wild talk about hydrogenated oils and MSG, plus "safe vegetable spread," which is an oxymoron, plain bullshit and an outright God-damned lie by professionals with their hands in the public till and so who, by objective and coolheaded, dispassionate definition, therefore do not -- because they CAN not -- have our best interests at heart.

I grew soybeans for many years, and they actually CANNOT be made fit for human consumption, except in small amounts as tofu or good-quality soy sauce. When you feed soy meal to hogs you get that nasty watery pork you find in the supermarkets and CANNOT be smoked at home into good bacon and hams. This industrial crap is crap. Case closed.

Everything tastes better with salt and fat.

I feel sorry for you Brits. You live on a little island that gives you no ability to hunt or fish for your food. Where I live in the United States, my boys and I always bring back enough deer every November to stock our freezers. In January, we hunt wild boar. We also hunt birds. We have tremendous barbecues of fish and wild game with our neighbors. We live free like our forefathers of 300 years ago imagined we would. Live free or die trying!

I am too lazy. Happy to grow some vegetables, but buy food in sensible retailers.

What about sugar? Seems that there is a lot of sugar in everything.

My parents grew up with an over salted, over greased... Scottish diet. Last time I looked, they were both in good health and both their parents lived well into their eighties. No teeth however.. Dental hygiene is a big step forward for my parents generation.

Howdy, Colin Campbell (I'm a Skye Campbell through my dad's mother!), Dr Weston A Price was a DENTIST, and he showed that bad teeth are the cumulative result of generations of processed food consumption. Not only do the industrial products rot teeth, but they also cause short-order fetal development harm which causes tooth formation and growth to deteriorate dramatically in only three-five generations. The following article in Bodwyn Wook contains a link to the Weston A Price foundation. Finally, in the following article, I also objectively, calmly and scientifically explain -- based on Weston's findings -- why the thieving and self-adoring, sociopathic, Illinois Governor Blagojevich in fact cannot help being morally insane. I do this by a careful and conclusive analysis of the nutrition-related stigmata and deficits, as shown clearly shown by an agenda of this wretched scoundrel's facial deformities. It is all highly irrefutable and we are, alas, all now in the clutches of nutritional nutters who "think" their damaged cognitive processes are the essence of some sort of enlightened professionalism, all "rightly" paid for by the state, out of the taxes of others even more ill fed and, deliberately, misled:


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