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Capitalism is Dead Says God

Cardinal says credit crisis has killed capitalism - Telegraph
Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor, 76, made the astonishing claim at a lavish fund-raising dinner at Claridges which secured pledges of hundreds of thousands of pounds for the catholic church.

The Cardinal, dressed in his full clerical regalia, said in a speech at the black tie dinner that he had worried whether the dinner should go ahead because of the troubled economic times.

The four course dinner, with a champagne reception, had been provided free of charge by Derek Quinlan, the property developer, who owns Claridges who is worth an estimated £60 million.

Sir Rocco Forte, the hotelier and prominent Roman Catholic, was in charge of the decoration. He decked out the ballroom in red flowers and red lights to match the Cardinal's clerical outfit.

But The Cardinal went on to say that in 1989, with the collapse of the Berlin wall, that "communism had died". In 2008, he said, " capitalism had died".

It seems to me that if he believes capitalism is dead he was enjoying a pretty good evening feasting on its rotting corpse like a vulture. Maybe picturing him entering a house with a red light over its door would be more edifying than that.


And if Derek Quinlan hadn't ponied up for the do, and it had been cancelled, no doubt the caterers, waiting staff, cleaners, lighting engineers would have rejoiced that the los of their fees and wages woud have helped the economy in these troubled times.

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