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Sun, Sea, Sand and Tory Greenery

Rising sea levels caused by climate change are threatening to destabilise island nations and spark conflict across the world over energy and food reserves, the Australian military has claimed.

But the biggest threat to global security was the melting Arctic ice caps....Climate change has already been linked to the escalating fight for the world's natural resources, including an increasingly precious commodity – dry land.

In November, the newly elected president of the Maldives, Mr Nasheed, known locally as Anni, announced his country would begin to set aside a portion of its billion-dollar annual tourist revenue to buy a new homeland...

The Tories played a key role in Mr Nasheed's victory. Anni, who graduated from John Moore University, Liverpool, is known to be a good friend of the shadow foreign secretary, William Hague.

His own long political journey to the presidency began at Dauntsey's, the public school in rural Wiltshire where he attended sixth form.

A delegation of senior Tories flew to the Maldives on Tuesday...The visit will also be used to make a plea for British climate change scientists to visit the Maldives to study the effect of rising sea levels.

A funded trip to the Maldives to save humanity, who could be against it. Of course you could just be boring and stay at home and read what a real scientist discovered...

Charles Darwin, writing in his Autobiography towards the end of his life, looked back to some of his earliest scientific work associated with the voyage of the Beagle, and was able to "reflect with high satisfaction" on "solving the problem of coral-islands."...


I'd like to travel to the Maldives for some research.

It's a long slog to the Maldives without the Swedisn Bikin Team, but coral islands over time tend to sink under the water - it has only to do with global Gravity - and volcanic island eventually suffer the same fate since the rock is unstable.

Something must be done about Global Gravity at once before we all sink! This is a crisis and only massive government funding can solve the problem.

Rising sea levels are so, like, last year darling

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