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Not just because their lips are moving

Numberwatch on Warmist Scientists :
How we know they know they are lying.


It would have been nice if he'd supplied some references, e.g. the details of the "good" and "bad" conferences he mentioned.
However, the claims in that article imply that I may call myself a "real scientist." Huzzah!

One of my favorite quotes. If their lips are moving is a great one.Several other things we know about them, not only are they liars but also looters, living off tax-payer property{money} taken by force and coercion.
I have an article on my site,octogenariansblog.com, titled Debates and Dear John Letter, with advice for politicians,namely go home, get a job, apologize for all the damage you have done, and get off our backs.

Thanks Anne Cleveland

The following comment refers to the "catastrophe conference" in 2005 mentioned by John Brignell and is written by one of the main scientists involved in the conference, Professor Mike Hulme, Founding Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change.

"The Exeter conference of February 2005 on "Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change" served the government's purposes of softening-up the G8 Gleneagles summit through a frenzied week of "climate change is worse than we thought" news reporting and group-think. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/4234467.stm

By stage-managing the new language of catastrophe, the conference itself became a tipping point in the way that climate change is discussed in public."

It is not surprising that Professor Hulme is no longer at Tyndall. He was replaced by Al Gore's acolyte Bob Watson, who is now Director of Strategy at Tyndall and Chief Scientific Adviser to DEFRA. Guaranteed alarmism from a career alarmist.

5 July 2007 International climate change expert is Defra's new Chief Scientific Adviser http://www.defra.gov.uk/news/2007/070705a.htm

When asked in 1997 at Kyoto, as the new IPCC Chairman, about the growing number of climate scientists who challenged the conclusions of the UN that man-induced global warming was real and promised cataclysmic consequences, he responded by denigrating all dissenting scientists as pawns of the fossil fuel industry. "The science is settled" he said, and "we're not going to reopen it here."

Not surprisingly, warmer-in-chief Al Gore is not a long way from all this, although one could never publicly say he had influenced the British government:

Gore/Watson Mutual Admiration Society
“We need an advocate such as Al Gore to help present the work of scientists across the world,” said Bob Watson, former chairman of the IPCC and a top federal climate science adviser to the Clinton-Gore Administration.

Watson’s World Bank leaving party:

Jack Gibbons, Watson’s former boss at the White House, read aloud a letter written to Watson by Al Gore. In this letter, Gore calls Watson his “hero of the planet,” commends him on his incredible career and contributions, and congratulates him on his new jobs. Gibbons also spoke about the challenges facing scientists whose scientific evidence is often viewed not as strict science but as efforts to steer policy.

As John says, closed networks.

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