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Ginger Bullet Magnet Targetted

Prince Harry: 'I'm not ginger. I'm auburn' - Telegraph

So the 'Ranga' (orang-utan) is being castigated for opening his carroty mouth and using a word that might cause offence because it is based on a person's colour - something none of his critics have ever done about the Tango Top, have they?


Paki is a genuine word relating to the people from Pakistan. It is the way in which it is used which can cause offence.

In Australia many nouns are finished with the 'ie sound' such as Barbie for Barbecue - Chrissie for Christmas etc - and as the name plates and internet identifier for pakistand is PAK guess what!!

You have to remember that soldiers ( who could be) from pakistan are sensitive - ask the taliban.

From a purely onomastic standpoint, what is the difference between calling someone from Pakistan a Paki and calling someone from Britain a Brit?

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