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John Blundell, IEA; "Adam Smith must be rolling in his grave."

Scotland on a par with Cuba for state largesse - Times Online

WELCOME to McCuba. Scotland is set to become the third most state-dependent country in the world. Soon Havana and Baghdad will be the only capitals that rely more on public spending than Edinburgh, according to economic forecasters.
They say the uneven flow of government funds to north of the border is putting an “unfair burden” on English taxpayers. They predict that public spending will soon rise to the equivalent of almost 70% of Scotland’s gross domestic product.
The CEBR paper, commissioned by The Sunday Times, shows that the annual public sector wage bill in Scotland has risen by 55% to £12 billion since the Scottish parliament was established in 1999, with nearly one in four working for the state. A further £2.3 billion is spent annually on pensions for public sector workers, whose ranks have grown by nearly 50,000 in the past 10 years.
The report will renew concerns among English taxpayers about the preferential treatment enjoyed by the Scots, who benefit from free personal care for the elderly, no tuition fees and free school meals.
The extra level of funding per head that Scotland receives has grown from £828 in 1999 to £1,644. In 1999 the state spent £4,993 per head in Scotland and £4,165 in England. Now Scotland receives £9,179 and England gets £7,535.

If Cameron was to look for anywhere to cut the tax burden for English voters I have an idea where he might start, but I don't think he is really interested in doing so....


What is as disturbing as being robbed by the Scots is the fact that the per head expenditure has risen over 80% in both countries. I'd imagine UK inflation since 1999 would not have been greater than 3%. That means no more than about a 30% rise is justified by inflation, all the rest is due to the vastly improved public service everyone must be experiencing, i.e. about half as good again as they were in 1999. The UK must really be the place to live, all that state love and care, I'm sorry I'm missing it.

Undo the Barnett formula and let Scotland raise more of its own taxes. No noses would be put out of joint.

Errrr a simple look at The David's surname should show that he's not going to do anything about it.

And to think I used to refer to my Scot roots with pride.

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