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Old and Cold - No more

RSPCA: Keep wildlife and pets warm through the big freeze - politics.co.uk

Dogs with thin or sparse coats, who are very young or old may benefit from a coat when out exercising.

Animal welfare experts hot under the collar over dogs in coats - Telegraph

The RSPCA has warned that if people consistently allow their dogs to get too hot when wearing clothing they could face prosecution.

Helen Briggs, a spokeswoman from the RSPCA, added: "Under the Animal Welfare Act, you are obliged to provide appropriate conditions and environments for your dog... If people are worried that their dog might be cold, it is worth getting some advice from their vet.


Confused? George is getting old and grumpy so I bought him a coat yesterday - I didn't realise I faced prosecution and should have consulted a vet, the RSPCA, his Animal Rights Lawyers etc first.


Hey, a German coat! ;-)

The totalitarian intrusiveness of the do-gooders of every hue is insufferable. In fact, their goal is, under the cover of good deeds and "care", to get total control of all aspects of human life. Yes, I am paranoid, but that does not mean that they are not after me.

Well done with the coat! I got two sets for each of my dogs, one fleecy one to dry and a quilted one to keep them warm in the car. (By the way, those new-fangled microfibre rags for household purposes are excellent for getting the wet out of dogs' coats!) I had to bury one old dog because of kidney failure. No thanks. Not any more! (You ought to see my young German Shorthair pointer diving between ice floe in this weather. Yes, SUCH a soft breed!)

George looks like my Jack in this picture. At almost five, Jack is a bit grumpy already. He will be insufferable when he is old.

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