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ASBO defeats freeborn Englishman's rights to badger sheep.

Sheep owners fight to retain ancient right of grazing | UK news | The Guardian
Sandwiched between the rivers Severn and Wye, the Forest of Dean has always been known as an insular place with strange ways.
This ancient Gloucestershire forest has its own dialect and traditions,...The right to run sheep through the forest has been contentious for years, but allegations of harassment and intimidation have brought the issue to a head and the Forest of Dean council is investigating how it can use antisocial behaviour orders to bring some of the foresters and their unruly livestock to heel.
Known as commoners, the sheep owners enjoy the right to graze their sheep freely in the 11,300-hectare (28,000-acre) forest and they want to keep it that way. Nicknamed sheep badgers, a term derived, they think, from the verb to badger, they argue that running sheep is what makes their forest and way of life unique and it should be maintained.
It has now blown up into a row which would have given locally born playwright Dennis Potter , who used the forest as a backdrop for tales of incest and corruption, a rich plotline.
Commoning, he says, was a means of alleviating the poverty endemic in the forest area, but "the Forest of Dean is no longer a poor man's paradise, it's a rich man's fantasy area".
"We accept people coming in to the Forest of Dean, we are not prejudiced. If you want to sell your house in London for £500,000 and buy next door for £150,000, you can come and be our neighbour and we will treat you as a neighbour, but you must treat us the same way."

Shepherd allowed sheep to intimidate neighbours - Telegraph
Jeremy Awdry, 59, was deprived of his ancient right to graze sheep in Bream, in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, after they were reported straying into gardens and damaging fences.
The 500-strong flock were in fact part of the "intimidation of people living in the area", prosecutor Brendon Moorhouse told Gloucester Crown Court on Monday.
Awdry is a 'sheep badger' - someone who has the right by birth to graze sheep anywhere in the Forest.

Or rather did have the right, nasty inconvenient right because of where he was born; nasty natural rights not nice caring sharing ASBO behaving chocolate box no shit on the road pretty pretty fantasy forest living rights.


Just how big a wimp do you have to be to be "intimindated" by sheep?

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