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Digestives which do not kill us make us stronger

Spiked - It’s a Digestive, Jim, but not as we know it -Anti-fat Whitehall functionaries have managed to ruin the British biscuit that even Hitler failed to crush.

McVities Digestive are quite indigestible now, the dark chocolate ones bland and mucky beyond belief. Luckily there is an answer, Mssrs Lidl, purveyors of groceries to 4x4 driving terrier owners, produces a fine own brand alternative, full of whatever gives it a flavour.

Even better the Times Ecoworrier says: but think twice before heading to Lidl, the discount retailer. It came bottom in a report by Ethical Consumer magazine on the social and environmental records of supermarkets... My sort of store!

Though even I'm a little sceptical about stocking up on this...


I'm looking forward to the £4.99 frozen lobster I bought at Lidls recently. Damn fine store. You should try their chocolate chip cookies too. Every Lidl 'elps.

This is one of the saddest acts by the state, to me. It's only trivial, but it's such an indication that nothing is safe from them any more, even something so trivial as biscuits. In a sense, the more trivial the things they are able intefere with, the more terrifying it is.

This is the FSA at work, by the way. Like the other extra-democratic governance bodies, it was sold to us as something to protect us from harm- adulterated or rotten food. But these bodies (like OFCOM, for instance) are there to ensure continuity of moonbat policy. They roll on, with their nutball ideas about health and food and so on, regardless of what we proles might want to vote for.

It fills me with utter despair.

Even more moonbat nonsense


To be fair, the jars and, IIRC, the in-store advertising said it was lumpfish caviar. I can't remember what the house-to-house flier said.

Quoting from: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-lumpfish-roe.htm

"While caviar snobs may look down their noses at eggs from lumpfish, lumpfish roe can be quite good when it is well handled. If the roe is treated carefully, it will have the distinctive poppy mouthfeel of caviar, with each egg bursting open in response to gentle pressure from the teeth. Lightly salted lumpfish roe can be used like caviar to accompany various appetizers, and it can also be added to pasta sauces and spreads as well as dishes like omelettes."

"For people who are concerned about overfishing, lumpfish roe is an excellent alternative to caviar. Sturgeon populations are severely depleted because of mismanagement by the caviar industry, and many advocates of sustainable fishing have encouraged people to think about alternatives to caviar like lumpfish, salmon, herring, and trout roe"

DISCLAIMER: I have no links to any supplier of fish eggs nor to LIDL (other than being a customer although I do not own a terrier who drives a 4x4).

However, I did enjoy my jar of lumpfish caviar as I did the previous year. And the price was 99p - not £1:99 which made it taste even better. And my grandson does not like it which means more for me next year.

It is no longer enough that these people be sacked. They must die.

'It is no longer enough that these people be sacked. They must die.'

I have argued this point... well, not the death bit. But if anyone's interested, there's a spirited defence of the Digestive here


Go to 1 hour 43 mins into the programme.

Anyone willing to spread the Digestive scandal story, please do. Could this be the issue with which we defeat socialism? Could the Digestive be a clarion call to libertarians everywhere? Could it one day be the modern day equivalent of Beethoven's Fifth marking the start of D-Day?

I'll get my coat...

I like the cut of this chap's jib!


Go that man!

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