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Harsh winds create tiny draught in cosy council offices

Councils start to shed jobs in their thousands - Times Online

Forty councils approached by The Times yesterday were planning a total of 7,000 redundancies, and unions fear that few of the 442 local authorities across England, Scotland and Wales will escape the cutbacks.

The Local Government Association said on Monday that one in seven of the 388 councils in England planned to make redundancies.

Council officials admit that the scale of the cuts is much higher than any measures taken over the past decade. They blame a series of factors, in particular the collapse of the housing market. Fees from property developers have fallen dramatically. Fees from land searches and domestic planning applications have also dried up.

If the fees have dried up it means the work has dried up as well! And if the work has dried up then in the real world it wouldn't be a surprise that job losses follow, but in council land it is. Of course they will cut the rubbish collections first as that is the only real service councils deliver and the only cut anyone really notices, leaving all the non-jobs safe.

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Indeed. The councils would rather cut vital services than actually have to make people redundant, despite the fact that the private sector has been shedding jobs like crazy.

Yup. Funny how, when the budget starts to bite, they make sure that it bites ratepayers the hardest.

Clarky suggests buying shotguns and an allotment. At least you have that part covered.

Councils will (and are already) making redundant those who actually do a job of work like keeping the roads clear, swept and paved, and keep all the non-productive high salary managers and office staff. You'll end up paying the same for significantly reduced services. So what's new?

It's the donut principle. The closer you are to the chief executive, the less likely you are to be made redundant. Managers don't like making close colleagues and subordinates redundant so they will always wield the axe outside their offices. This is why front line workers and services take the first hit.

well, won't some of these people become food monitors - going around to everybody and checking on what food they are throwing away and "assisting" them in making sure nothing goes to waste? Weeping Moses on the Mountain - if they ever start trying that kind of busybodiness here in America some of these snoops will get shot.

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