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Sometime the old ways were the best ways

Data sharing ‘is step towards Big Brother’ - Times Online
Personal data gathered by one government department will be available to other areas of Whitehall, local government and agencies under proposed legislation published yesterday.

This will open the way for the bulk sharing of information across government, and reverses existing policy, in which data can only be used for the purpose for which it was gathered. Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, defended the proposal, saying that it was intended to improve public services and help to fight crime.

Jack Straw and The Peasants Revolt of 1381
The British politician John Whitaker Straw (born 1946) adopted the name Jack Straw after the rebel leader....Jack Straw turned on his associates under torture and betrayed many of them to the executioner - though it did not save him. Jack Straw was executed and his head displayed on London Bridge.


"help to fight crime"

Sounds a bit like Minority Report, doesn't it - let's catch those people who might be criminals before they've become criminals!

Can we have an encore please. It might encourage the others,....... no, suppose not!

What, after RIPA was used to spy on people putting out their dustbin at 10PM instead of waiting until 5AM you expected future action to be curtailment of accesss?

Kill them all. Kill them now.

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