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Flight 1549 Map

USAir Flight 1549 Flight Data Mapped and Google Maps Mania has produced a simulation of the crash for the Google Earth Browser. (Two versions of the simulation, one with the New York 3D buildings turned off and one with the buildings turned on. The 3D version can seriously lag on slower computers.)
3D Version
Non-3D Version

That's cool - shows what a silly idea it is to have a major airport next door to a major city, no one would suggest building one like that now would they? Because if there hadn't been a bit of open water a skilled pilot found to land on what would have happen?


The Captain and crew were amazing. As, almost unbelievably, were the passengers - I fear I would have had to be dragged out.

But "what a silly idea it is to have a major airport next door to a major city" is perhaps a bit of a stretch, even NYC is what - eight miles long? Less than one minute's flight? True, the area around it is built up as well, but then the whole coast from Portland Maine to at least Washington DC if not Atlanta Georgia is: there is NO place, other than bodies of water, that is "wilderness" without homes within a range of a couple of miles.

Indeed, in this case, it is a GOOD thing since rescue was quickly and massively at hand - consider the result had it gone down ten miles out in the Atlantic, or even the farms of New Jersey.

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