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Inauguration Quiz

"We count it a privilege to live in an age when our country demands that great things shall be done, a privilege to be of the generation which learns to say what can we give instead of what can we take. For thus our generation learns there are greater things than slothful ease; greater things than safety; more terrible things than death."

Who said that? And who would say it now?


Jack Kennedy? Others would say it now, but cynically.

Answer - Sir Oswald Mosley March 1936....

Thanks. I should have read it more carefully: a second look spots the fascistic strain.

I expect Gordo will adapt it for the election campaign. Brown, Red, two sides of the same coin.

The parallel is not lost on many of us over here. We are terrified as we watch history replay itself... while much of the younger populace is clueless as to what is happening.

I've followed Germany and America's eugenics history extremely closely for decades, but am not as familiar with England's. Could you provide a source or link to that quote? It is haunting. Thanks!

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