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Gathering Winter Fuel

Chopping%20Logs.jpg Time to chop up some of the big trunks for firewood, so get a man with a 60 inch chainsaw bar in. Now that is what you call a big boys toy.

Normally of course big chainsaws like that are only seen in virgin rainforests but here we are being all green and cuddly producing carbon neutral fuel. Do you think I will get a green award?


One can but hope that you have advised the local constabulary that you are in possession of a 'dangerous weapon'; likewise that you observe all the required H&S regulations in the operation of this piece of equipment and that finally you have also advised all the bureaucrats, NGOs, government 'lickspittles' and the like (have I missed anyone?) so that they too can rest easy in the knowledge they have had an input and in so doing wasted yet more of the taxpayers cash!

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