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Always read the small print

MPs may be denied vote on £100 bin tax - Times Online

THE GOVERNMENT has quietly adopted powers enabling it to introduce national pay-as-you-throw rubbish taxes of up to £100 without a vote in parliament.
The Tories discovered the bin tax measure in a little-noticed clause of the Climate Change Act.

“New taxes are being imposed by arrogant and out-of-touch rulers, showing contempt for the democratic process. The imposition of extra-parliamentary taxation is a constitutional outrage,” said Eric Pickles, shadow communities and local government secretary.

Would that be the Climate Change Act that the Tories supported, obviously not having read the small print...?

(www.publicwhip.org.uk seems to be down this morning so I can't check on voting records)


Shock, horror! The labour government are evil, authoritarian, anti-constitutional bastards and tory MPs are useless bastards.

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