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Brown's volkstümlich slogans

Nazi parties turn popular resentment into votes
The fascists are trying to exploit this by whipping up nationalist feeling and outright racism with demands for "German jobs for German workers".

Foreign advert ban puts British workers first - Times Online
Employers will be prevented from advertising jobs overseas under plans being drawn up to ensure that British workers fill vacancies during the recession.
This is the first significant step towards fulfilling Gordon Brown's controversial promise made in 2007 to keep “British jobs for British workers”.

THE NAZI National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD), has made a major electoral breakthrough in Saxony...with such slogans as "German money for German interests"...

Gordon Brown will vent his fury at bankers today over the discovery that up to 80 per cent of the loans by British banks are to foreign companies and individuals.


So when can we expect the Palace of Westmnster to mysteriously burn down?

Is Gordon Brown drunk on power or merely addicted to stimulants?

Not that is has much to do with the original topic of your article, but the "Nazi threat" is much intsrumentalized as a smokescreen by the left in Germany. The people who are currently rallying in Germany shouting "Death to the Jews" side by side with their Muslim brethren are -- are we amazed? -- NOT NPD members.

I have blogged about it here and and here and in many other entries as well.

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