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Are you euphoric yet?

Euphoria spreads across Atlantic as Barack Obama takes the helm - Times Online

I don't think I can take any more excitement, the BBC sounds more like Debbie Does Dallas with its deep sighing and moans than a serious news organisation.

But I will give thanks to The Chosen One for one improvement in my life already, I noted he is partial to salted chocolate; so I dipped some Ecuadorian 70% into the salt pig and it is fantastic.


Who is this Debbie of whom you so often speak? Is she a Texan politician? If so, isn't "...does Dallas" a bit harsh? You wouldn't write "Hazel does Salford", would you? Or "Harriet does Peckham"? A little decorum in our political discourse would not go amiss, Englishman.

You own a salt pig? I imagine it's unlicensed. Dangerous stuff, salt.

Chocolate, lad? 'Tis for you betters, lad, The Doctors, you just put that down now and have some more of these here unsalted lentils....

In a more serious vein, I do wonder at the dire mythological and psychological ignorance of these over-paid and languid, postmodernist, drips. Have the credentiallised illiterati /no/ conception of the actual hunman nature? Or, of the collective and usually nasty need, for sacrificial lambs? The Beeb have just to-day put up a picture of Lincoln, on their 'Radio 4' page. 'Tis all part of the Obama frenzy. You do realise, I trust, that these fools one and all positively /are/ sending this man to his death. It is an absolutely amazing witless convulsion of the collective 'mind', and that's the essential fact in this all.

Well, haven't noticed much euphoria here on Vancouver Island about the new President. Everyone seems to be just hunkering down. I suppose it'll all end in tears. Feel sorry for the Yanks, they'll learn I suppose.

Englishman; Salt on chocolate? Hmmm. Have you got a licence for that?

The local Salt Inspectors have been alerted. They are already scouring the west Wiltshire countryside with their saline detectors. It's only a matter of time... It's all in the database.

alright, you lot, that's IT, salt, chocolate...that's THREE for a taste of the clyster!

The only thing that tempers my nausea at the sheer insanity of the adulation is thinking how despondent the frenzied throngs hoping to touch the hem of his garment are going to be when they discover he's just a politician (and a Chicago one to boot).

Would that be the chocolate salty balls made famous by the chef from South Park?

Tried that thing with the chocolate - not bad, but perhaps too much info in one mouth!

As for the second coming - I am wondering how long before we hear some bad mouthing of the enwhitened one!

Just tried salt and chocolate. Absolutely minging. Will never catch on. Blech!

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