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Not Hunting Yet Again


The scene from my lawn this morning - I know some readers who will be pleased to see that yet again we aren't hunting at The Castle.
Last year's post when we didn't hunt here either....Two year's ago post when we didn't hunt here either. ...

You may wish to compare this morning's photos of a Not Hunt meet with a meet of the Hunt at The Castle from when hunting was legal.


Are they stamping the rough ground flat - or has someone lost an earring?

Thank you very much. The Mrs. just took one look at the picture, and burst into tears.

Not for the soul of the poor foxy, mind you; she just wanted to be there to witness this non-hunt.

::still sobbing::

All my family go out to see the horses and hounds, when we are lucky enough to see them not hunting---its a lovely sight and long may it continue--

You'll have to switch to rabbits, soon.

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