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Watts Up With Obama

BBC NEWS | NEWSNIGHT | Susan Watts's blog
They were the words that scientists everywhere wanted to hear and President Obama couldn't have been clearer, promising to "restore science to its rightful place"...
They'll welcome too his pledge to "roll back the spectre of a warming planet".
Quite a change in tone from the past eight years.
During the Bush presidency, the world saw the Arctic ice cap shrink to a record summer low, the relentless rise of greenhouse gas emissions, and warnings from scientists shift from urgent to panicky.

Pity no one told the globe it was meant to be warming, if you look at the graph I think it is quite obvious that Bush did a great job at "rolling back the spectre of a warming planet". In fact there are many shivering people in America who think the rolling back has gone far enough.


But our little damp panted BBC poppette continues;

"...the coincidence of the recession and Obama coming to power could truly prove to be the world's last, best chance to solve the energy and climate security equation in a way that avoids destructive changes in global temperatures. He inherits a unique opportunity."

See the destruction of the global economy is a good thing and together with the coming of Obama is swoonfully wonderful.


I was unimpressed that Hansen's '4 years to save the world' was trotted out. This is Bad Science when so much is unknown and so much is crassly modelled on computers.

As for Watts' comments on stem cells - it wasn't stem cells Bush was against, it was creating embryos for the very sake of harvesting stem cells.

We should heed the (at least) two warnings we have got - The banking cockups stem from the markets, the people and the banks themselves not behaving as the mathematics and risk assessors predicted. The climate is similarly being un-cooperative with relation to the models. This doesn't mean there is a problem with banking or a problem with the climate. It means there is a problem with putting so much stock in am imcomplete virtual representation of the world in an effort to remove the costs of uncertainty.

'an incomplete'

Our Susan is from the Independent and New Scientist schools of journalism: http://www.bbc.co.uk/pressoffice/biographies/biogs/news/susan_watts.shtml

She was a prominent witness at the Hutton inquiry, a judicial investigation in summer 2003 into the death of biological weapons expert Dr David Kelly.

Susan joined Newsnight after ten years in print journalism.

She was science and technology correspondent for the Independent newspaper, where she won many awards for her investigative reporting including the Environment Council's Science in the Environment award for a story on Oxfordshire tests of engineered crops.

She was technology correspondent at New Scientist magazine in the late Eighties and, before then, news editor at Computer Weekly. She has a degree in physics from London's Imperial College.

Maybe Mr. Obama really meant to "restore science to its rightful place".

That is to say, perhaps he will tell Gore and Hansen to take hike and actually look at the data?

We can hope. That's the word of the moment, isn't it?

Andrew, it's vintage Obama. A stirring message with no essential meaning, and which can be interpreted in several ways, with lots of wiggle room left [sic] for the speaker.

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