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Welcome to ToyTown, the ToyTown from Hell

To American eyes Britain has never seemed more like toytown - Times Online
There is real doubt in President Obama’s team – as there was in George W. Bush’s Administration – that Britain has any significant help left to give.

Good luck, Gordon Brown, in trying to portray yourself as the economic wise man who can offer avuncular advice to the novice. It won’t make up for Britain’s reluctance to offer many more troops in Afghanistan – and the US suspicion that even if Brown wanted to, he couldn’t.

To Washington eyes never has Britain seemed more like toytown than in the heady first 48 hours of the Obama White House. But even if the attention that Obama’s military advisers pay to British affairs is slight, it takes only a second to register the hard numbers.

They can see at a glance the cuts in military spending, the shrinking of the Army and the national debt. It doesn’t take much to work out that this means cutbacks, and mysterious delays in expensive new kit.

With regard to our decline a kindly Septic is coming over to tell us about it - here's a chance to hear him.

Yo, Brits - Maggie's FarmHeads up, cousins. Jonah is coming! (The author of Liberal Fascism - if they still permit you to read such radical and subversive books.)
Of course, the Brits are already experts on liberal fascism. They live it.



by E R 'Alastair' Smith

Historically, middle western Democrats have never been anglomaniacal. This put them at odds with President Wilson and, later, la Roosevelt. These Democrats were heavy industrial plebians, mainly Irish and Italian and such gentry. Also, the Germans were a mixed lot, many being anticlericalist emigres from the failed socialist 1848 ructions. They was mainly lincoln Republicans in their day and only slowly made shift to the Democracy, as they were repelled by the imperializing Teddy Roosevelt even whilst continuing to embrace domestic progressivisms. This was in the end as much true of the ethnically churched Germans, prod and RC, as the humanists among them. /They/ opposed Wilson's war, not for the Kaiser but because we had ought not to have mixed in this /old/ european dirt. In their wake they drew along lots of scandinavian immigrants here, many of whom had sailed in the 70s and 80s of the century before last in clean, efficient German-run steamships.... As my swedish-american maternal Grandfather often said, when I told him I was a history student: "Why would you learn to do over all THAT damn stuff...you should go into science!" Truman of Missouri was perfectly willing to hobnob with Churchill (he knew who held all the notes, after all), but the kansan Eisenhower ("Eisenhowser" we said at home, on the farm) couldn't quite manage even to bring that off. He and State Secretary Dulles both was unwashed continentalists of the first water. In my own southern Minnesota family, my maternal second cousin Leland who had been in England in the War cursed the warm beer and offered to punch my English father in the nose on meeting him, in 1946. Later, when my parents divorced, my swedish Grampa would ask with a mocking twinkle and in his whistled American: "How'ss dot wild Irishman, yoor old man?" This was calculated to send my father up to the Moon and did when I repeated it later the first time, to him. And so lest I remind you all, President Obama for all the kenyan blather /is/ nonetheless a /chicago/ Democrat....

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