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An Apology to India in a Picture

Omigod, he's got photos of the 'real India' | Hugo Rifkind - Times Online
Bob Marshall-Andrews once called David Miliband a “pillock on his gap year”. Bearing this in mind, I think it was rather brave of the Foreign Secretary to spend a night last week in a thatched hut in rural Amethi, experiencing what his host, Rahul Gandhi, called “the real India”.

Within a few days, however, he was telling Indians that they didn't understand Kashmir and that he did, and behaving so condescendingly towards a venerable septuagenarian Foreign Minister that it's a wonder he didn't actually pat him on the head. Despite such a promising start, his trip to India was by all accounts a raging disaster. If he had any sense, he'd go back in a few months and say sorry. Like Jade Goody.

Any excuse to republish this picture of the prat, that he represents Her Brittanic Majesty and us is an utter disgrace. I'm embarrassed for my country and hope India understands.



I didn't realise Primark sold chocolate.... and I can't figure out why he should appear in the ad with an overweight Milkybar Kid

Captain Mainwaring had the description, "Stupid Boy". And I'm not referring to the wee chap in the flat cap.

I just can't help feeling that Brown is giving this plonker as much rope as he can.

I wonder if he needs any help to tie one end of the rope off...

My goodness, this flat note is not being tooted around on the Beeb, is it?

It looks to me as thought the fat lad in the Fred Dibnah kit has a hand axe behind his back, and is planning to slice off all Militwat's fingers with one blow.

Young lad saying 'you keep your hands where I can see them'

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