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Susan Watts - In Trouble With Her Bush Facts

Cut and Paste Journalism — Climate Resistance: Challenging Climate Orthodoxy
BBC bosses today tried to make excuses for the cut-and-paste job by BBC science journalist, Susan Watts

For once lets leave aside the Global Warming stuff, the level of spending on science etc which this article shows she got wrong and cut to something else she said:

Religion, or at least the religious vote, informed Bush policy. ...Creationism has grown stronger, to the point that more Americans now believe in the biblical story of creation than evolution.

Where did Watts get the idea that adherence to Biblical interpretations of life on Earth increased under Bush? Not from Gallup, which has data going back to 1982:

Look at that bottom line - Godless Darwinism increases from 9 to 14% during the Bush years (It seems to have decreased during the Clinton years). If you add in those who think God may have nudged evolution along a bit then it changes from 49/47 to 50/44 (evolution/creation) so she isn't even correct in saying that "more Americans now believe in the biblical story of creation than evolution".

What is the point of a science correspondent that can't get simple facts right and allows her Obamamania to write her stories?


There is no such thing as godless Darwinism. 'Darwinism' is a term used by critics of evolutionary science who like to attack it by pointing to the mistakes in Darwin's Origin of Species. C'mon Englishman. Darwin was an Englishman who sailed the world on an English built ship skippered by a hugely talented English captain. He looked at the prevailing world view and had the independence of mind to think it wrong, propose an alternative, find the data to support it and publish a book that changed the scientific world. A lot of Christians at the time found a way to accomodate natural selection, many do today. That many scentists are atheists does not bring 'Darwinism' into existence or make it 'godless'.

"informed Bush policy"

Utter, utter crap. If someone had backed Bush because they thought he'd bring in a religious era, they'd have been very disappointed. Bush has done almost nothing. Issues like gay marriage were a separate vote. Abortion law is unchanged, and Bush hasn't even tried to work around the whole thing of separation of church and state.

We in Britain have far more state interference with regards to religion than the US does, from supporting religious groups through state funding, school assemblies, Thought for the Day on the state broadcaster, seats in the House of Lords for Bishops.

Susan Watts? Didn't she misrepresent a part of Barack Obama's inauguration speech recently?
Follow the link for the evidence; http://ccgi.newbery1.plus.com/blog/?p=147

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