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The War on Fat

Fat dogs seized by RSPCA - Telegraph

Early 2008, an RSPCA inspector called at Miss Davidson's home in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, after an anonymous phone call about the animals.
The official carried out an assessment of the dogs, Rocky and Chubby, and said they were overweight. The inspector gave advice on how their weight could be reduced.
Miss Davidson, who works for Hertfordshire social services and who has owned dogs for more than 20 years, followed the instructions and managed to bring down their weight.
Miss Davidson is registered disabled. Although she can walk, she cannot take the dogs on long walks.
However, she had to cancel three vets appointments to have her pets weighed, after her mother fell ill and she had to care for her.
After the missed appointments, an RSPCA inspector returned to her house in October while Miss Davidson was at work. The inspector asked her partner, Terry Shadbolt, for permission to take the animals to the vets.
"The inspector just asked if she could take them to get them weighed, and he said yes," said Miss Davidson. "When I got home, I rang the vets, and the RSPCA inspector said that under the guidance of the vet, the dogs were not coming home.
"Three days later, the inspector came to interview me. But since then, I haven't been able to find out anything about the dogs.

Take obese children into care, says health expert - Telegraph

Tam Fry, a member of the National Obesity Forum's board, will tell a conference that youngsters who are over-fed by their parents should be treated as victims of abuse, as happens with malnourished children.
He will argue that authorities should take obese children from their families and into care, and that those whose health is at risk should then undergo stomach-stapling operations.
Children across the country, from Tower Hamlets in London to Lincolnshire, have already been placed on "at risk" registers or taken into care because of their weight. Last year Cumbria county council removed an obese eight-year-old girl from her family.


Mr. Fry has long been trumpeting the "obesity eppidemic" and suggestig surgery. But is there such an epidemic? And while bariatric surgery can do wonders (I have a cousin for whom it has been very good indeed) it is life-threatening and not something to be done as a matter of routine. Too, one wonders why, if overeating is the sole cause of obesity (it is not...) few people continue to gain weight for their entire lives. How closely is Tam Fry tied to bariatric-specialty surgeries?

*Tam Fry*

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