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BBC NEWS | Education | 390,000 to access child database
A child protection database containing the contact details for all under 18-year-olds in England will be accessible to 390,000 staff, say ministers.
Children's Minister in the House of Commons, Beverley Hughes, said the database would allow people working with children to "put their particular piece of the jigsaw into the whole picture". Among those who will be able to see the information will be local authorities, police, health services and children's charities.
The latest stage of the project is that 17 local authorities will begin training staff in how to use the database, which will hold the name, address, parents' contact details, date of birth, school and doctor of every child in England.
Children's Minister Baroness Morgan said parents would not be allowed to remove their children from the list.
Each child will also have a unique identifying number.

Why not just tattoo the bloody thing on their arms? It would be safer and more honest than creating this database which will leak like Beverley Hughes knickers at whiff of power.

How easy do they want to make it for the perverts to impersonate a child's guardian, how easy to steal the ID of an eighteen year old? Hey hang on to that CD of the database for a couple of years and cash in on a twenty year old. Utter bloody morons.


No surprise to me. My kids have their fingerprints scanned every time they buy a butty from the school canteen.

I note that, just as here in the US, politicians are exempt.

In fairness, anyone can apply to Council to have all but name and birthdate kept off this monstrosity. Not that Council will approve it unless they fear you have enough money to take them to court, but the process is theoretically available.

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