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The BBC is right for once

Stars attack BBC for refusing to broadcast Gaza appeal but Sky won't show it either | Mail Online
Actress Samantha Morton led a string of celebrities who criticised the BBC’s decision...
The 31-year-old Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominee said she would never work for the BBC again if the corporation failed to show a charity appeal for money for aid for Gaza.

I apologise for not having heard of her before, and I won't spoil your breakfast by showing her picture so I googled her:

The curious case of Samantha Morton's stroke | Mail Online
Miss Morton, who starred opposite Cruise in the blockbuster Minority Report, told a music magazine she had been "close to death" following the stroke, which she suffered after part of the ceiling at her London home collapsed on her.
She said she was nursed back to health by friends, who helped her through her rehabilitation as she struggled to walk again. She had hidden her condition from the world, she revealed, because she feared it could jeopardise her movie career...
All of which is dramatic and, given that she kept such a devastating illness hidden from her many fans, suggests levels of discretion not normally associated with this outspoken young star.
Strangely enough, even those who count themselves among her friends have been somewhat taken aback by her claims.
Last night, one associate of the actress said: "I was gobsmacked when I read what she said. Look, no one is accusing Sam of making it up. It's just that she can get a bit carried away sometimes."
..By February 2007, less than two months after she says she was struck down and faced with the agonising task of relearning how to walk, Miss Morton was to be seen firmly back on the party circuit....So what is going on in the sometimes bizarre world of the troubled Miss Morton? Once again, it seems, she has been left in a bit of a tangle by her often wayward tongue.
It is a character trait that has regularly landed her in hot water. Witness her habit of falling out with co- stars and the Hollywood studios, who are said to shun her because of her reputation for being "difficult".
After being invited to attend a reception at Buckingham Palace, Samantha raised eyebrows by arriving in flip-flops and later ungraciously described the Queen as a "right stuffy cow".
....the actress's spokesman, Karon Maskill, insisted her recuperation from the stroke had taken six months.
"It was just something Sam talked about without thinking it was a big deal. She doesn't want to discuss it any further."
Which, given the excitable Miss Morton's reputation for letting her mouth run away with her, might be a wise - if belated - policy.

I really ought to read the Daily Mail more often! I can't find out who else promised never to work for the BBC ever again but I think I won't miss Ms Morton.

And the BBC should stick its decision; the appeal is, and has become more, political and biased.


I came here looking for Samantha Morton and I find you have a rubbish photo of her. Here's a better one:

By the way she was probably right about the Queen (bless the old duck). All of them seem to have the same problem (except for Philip unfortunately) because I met Charles and Anne once and they were the same and much older than their years.

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