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English Views on Sctoland - The Figures

Scots get too much cash, say rising number of English - Scotsman.com News

ALMOST a third of people in England think Scotland receives more than its fair share of government cash, a survey revealed today.

The 25th British Social Attitudes report also found 61 per cent of people in England thought Scottish MPs should not be able to vote on English legislation – the so-called West Lothian Question.

A total of 19 per cent of people in England wanted Scotland out of the UK, compared with 21 per cent in 1999.

Meanwhile, 57 per cent of people in England think the country should continue to be governed by Westminster, rather than by an English parliament.

And 55 per cent of people in England said the establishment of the Scottish Parliament had made no difference to how well Britain was governed, with 50 per cent stating they trusted the UK government to look after England's interests "just about always" or "most of the time".

I'm not sure I can make sense of those figures, but then I'm one of the people they interview. They bung me a few quid for answering after supper once a year, I always ensure I'm outside a decent amount of claret and then tick the boxes at random....


Did they ask what percentage of English people would rather be governed from Westminster than from Brussels?

Be up in the 80%'s, that would.

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