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You're not from round here are you?

Support Scots language in our schools, ministers told - Scotsman.com News

SCOTS language teaching should be boosted in primary and secondary schools, a government-commissioned study says.

Why not hobble a future generation. Let's be honest, Scots isn't a language, it's not like Welsh or Gaelic it is just a badly spelt mispronounced English. We have the same down in the West Country, but we don't demand Taxpayer cash to preserve it. We enjoy it as our heritage but realise that it limits our kids by stereotyping them.


The only Scots I've ever heard is "Och, where's me handout Jimmy?"

...and they all learn that from a very early age anyway.

They might be talking about Gaelic - but your comments are just as correct.

Amazing that all over the world people are queueing up to learn English because it's becoming a sort of global lingua franca, but here in good old introverted Scotland, they want them to learn something else...

Well not amazing really. 65% of the economy is public sector, after all.

It's completely nuts. Everyone who speaks this can speak English, so what is the point? You might as well learn Klingon or Botchi.

The dialect in one town in Telford is so mangled that one language researcher said there was a case for classing it as a different language. It still has Anglos-Saxon words in it, the most common is asking someone how they are - "Ow bist?" and the reply, "Bist good". It also uses "Thee" and "Tha" - proper throwbacks (people and dialect!) Funnily enough, despite some locals complaining that it's dying out nobody gives a shit and they're certainly not throwing money at preserving it.

Prescott ought to be taught as a separate language in schools in Hull.

As a as it were Prescott separate I'm coming to that they should it be taught as the Tories wouldn't the language in schools particularly though not Hull ninety percent higher under New Labour.

I can see you've not done much research. There may be some debate as to where Scottish English ends and 'Scots' begins but it certainly isn't 'badly pronounced English' any more than 'standard' English is badly pronounced German with a heavy smattering of badly-pronounced French. As to being 'hobbled', the more languages one has the better. The children in the UK with the best attainment in schools, and the best English ironically, are in Welsh and Gaelic medium schools and some kids of Chinese and Asian descent.

Then again, the English even have difficulty with Spanish when abroad.

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