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The Wisdom of Solomon

Climate change 'irreversible', warn scientists - Telegraph

Contrary to popular opinion, halting carbon emissions will not see temperatures reduce before the year 3000, according to the US-based National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Earth System Research Laboratory.

Nevertheless, Susan Solomon, who led the research, said cutting emissions remained important. ...Ms Solomon said: "Climate change is slow, but it is unstoppable - all the more reason to act quickly, so the long-term situation does not get even worse."

Logic Failure at Line 3, Terminal Error.


This is the same Susan Solomon who threatened to remove Steve McIntyre's IPCC reviewer status if he looked to closely at the papers cited in the report.

Actually, the logic failure occurs in Line 1: "halting carbon emissions will not see temperatures reduce before the year 3000"

Considering that temperatures are already falling...

But let me not inject silly reality into such lofty principles.

Soo, if it's 'unstoppable' then why the hell are the pro AGW camp proposing to throw so much taxpayer money at a non-problem?

Does not compute.

They are getting pretty desperate, aren't they?

It's probably a sign that before long the whole nonsense will collapse and disappear.

Anyone betting on what the next "we need to rule your lives" scare will be? This one's had a good long run, but it looks like it won't survive much more contact with reality. One more cold winter should do it.

They probably won't be able convincingly to dredge up the old 'racism' wheeze, not now that Obama is President, and so meanwhile here...


...is something slightly (!) /pre/ 'racism' and, just maybe, it will be a good laugh, eh?

This made interesting reading...


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